Bach – Willkommen werter Schatz BWV 36


Embrace the season’s enchantment with Johanna Sebastian Bach’s “Willkommen werter Schatz” from the festive Cantata BWV 36. Unwrap this musical gift where the trombone cradles the divine arrival of baby Jesus in warm, golden tones, weaving a gobelin of joy and celestial celebration. Imagine, a trombone not just playing, but heralding the heavens, narrating the cherished tale of the holy infant’s advent! Drape the hall in aural tinsel as you slide through marvelous melodies, decking each note with the sparkle of festive charm.

  • Piano Score and Trombone Part in Bass Clef (PDF)


Immerse yourself in the golden resonance of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Willkommen, werter Schatz," a piece that resounds with the joy and majesty of the Christmas season. This arrangement, carefully crafted for trombone and piano, captures the spirit of anticipation and celebration that defines the festive period.

With "Willkommen, werter Schatz" from Cantata BWV 36, we invite you to delve into a musical experience that does more than just echo the sacredness of the holidays. Here, the trombone takes on a narrative voice, bringing to life the storied tradition of the holiday season. Each phrase and every note are imbued with the warmth and vibrancy that only a trombone can provide, making the air shimmer with festive delight.

As you play, you'll find yourself at the heart of a celestial tapestry, the notes painting a scene as rich and vivid as the story of Christmas itself. The trombone's deep timbre and the piano's harmonious accompaniment interweave to create a gobelin of sound, drawing your listeners into a state of wonder and tranquility.

This piece is more than just a musical score; it's a journey through the narrative of the most magical time of the year. Through the rich, warm tones of the trombone, "Willkommen, werter Schatz" becomes a musical embodiment of the Christmas story, an invitation to celebrate the season's wonder with every breath and every note.

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