Debussy – Deux Arabesques – for Trombone and Piano

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Paint your recital program in glamorous impressionistic colors. For the opening legato-triplets passages and the descending wavy melody in the first arabesque use broad brushstrokes of blue and yellow. Then, for the second arabesque with short and fast triplets, mix small brushstrokes of pure red and green for the highest degree of luminous intensity of your trombone sound spectrum. Your audience will adore your strong expression and magnificent technique

  • PDF Files – Piano Score and Trombone Part in Tenor Clef
  • Pocket Pianist audio tracks in different Tempos (MP3 and FLAC)
  • Different practicing Tempi for the 2nd Arabesque (T.72-108)

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Debussy's Deux Arabesques are equally beautiful, as they are colorful and impressive.

Playing this beautiful piece is not only fun, but also greatly improves technique and agility.

First Arabesque 

  • smooth and fast legato passages, richness of tone colors
  • perfect for building flexibility and stamina

Second Arabesque

  • fast triplets, often over natural slurs, also in a combination with the valve and alternative positions
  • great for building your range, slide technique, agility and articulation

Especially the second Arabesque, I suggest starting to practice in a slow tempo, trying to get the sixteenth note triplets as smooth and light as possible.

I also recommend that you listen to some piano recordings of this work first to get the right phrasing and articulation ideas.

General Note

All the agogic changes are based on my interpretation and a common musical sense

to create an expression and musical flow. Playing along will be beneficial, especially for younger players, and will help to develop a strong musical personality.

Click here if you want to know more about The Pocket Pianist.

Pocket Pianist

The real fun begins when you start to play these Arabesques using the Pocket Pianist audio tracks. There are a lot of agogic changes, so I advise starting with the click audio tracks to get used to the smooth tempo changes and understand the musical idea. Then continue with the plain piano track.

By using the Pocket Pianist audio tracks for practicing, you can supplement your

piano rehearsals and get prepared better for your performance.

Listen to the Pocket Pianist samples -

  • Arabesque No. 1
  • Arabesque No. 2


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