The Pocket Pianist

The Pocket Pianist -

You better prepare for success!

The Pocket Pianist – practice more efficiently,
achieve better results
and prepare excellently for your performance.

Here are a few key features of this audio-tool:
  • Practice more efficiently
  • Improve your phrasing, intonation and rhythm
  • Get a musical inspiration
  • Develop your own musical style and expression
  • Have more fun while working on the music

How the idea came about

I have always enjoyed the piano rehearsals. In fact, the more time I have available to practice with the accompaniment, the more comfortable and better prepared for the performance I'd be. However, rehearsal times are usually very limited. As a result, I asked myself the following questions:

  • How can I get those extra rehearsals without having a pianist to my disposal ?
  • Can I practice and improve while having fun at the same time?

In effect, I started looking for some piano backing tracks on the internet. In general, I only found a couple of low-quality audio tracks, that mostly lacked dynamics, not mention phrasing or expression. As a result, I started to think about a virtual pianist, that is always available and ready to go, at any time. Eventually I came with the idea of The Pocket Pianist.

What is the Pocket Pianist?

This practicing tool is a piano part recorded in the form of the audio track set performed on a top quality virtual grand piano. However, not only excellent sound quality makes the Pocket Pianist so special, but additional features such as:

  • High range of dynamics
  • Phrasing, agogic, and musical expression
  • Different tempos for practicing

are the very best qualities of this virtual accompanist. Especially for technically demanding parts, this tool will accompany you as you progress through your learning. Start practicing slowly at first, and then adjust the tempo as you improve and gain easiness. And the best part is that now you can practice with the piano as much as you really need. Unlimited. Whenever you like.

So, better prepare for success!

Listen to the Pocket Pianist sample here (scroll down to the description)