Bach - Willkommen, werter Schatz BWV 36

Immerse your audience in the serene beauty of a winter's eve with our latest trombone and piano masterpiece. Captivate them with lush melodies that transport their souls to a place of peaceful solace. This arrangement of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Schafe können sicher weiden" BWV 208 is your ticket to a holiday performance that will leave hearts warmed and spirits lifted. Experience the magic of Bach's composition, brought to life through the eloquent tones of your sophisticated trombone sound. Embrace the festive season and make this arrangement the centerpiece of your Christmas repertoire. Engage your listeners with the perfect blend of tradition and celebration.

Bach - Willkommen, werter Schatz BWV 36

Embrace the season’s enchantment with Johanna Sebastian Bach’s “Willkommen werter Schatz” from the festive Cantata BWV 36. Unwrap this musical gift where the trombone cradles the divine arrival of baby Jesus in warm, golden tones, weaving a gobelin of joy and celestial celebration. Imagine, a trombone not just playing, but heralding the heavens, narrating the cherished tale of the holy infant’s advent! Drape the hall in aural tinsel as you slide through marvelous melodies, decking each note with the sparkle of festive charm.

Bach - Ich will dir mein Herze schenken BWV 244

Dive deep into the passionate realms of Bach’s “Ich will dir mein Herze schenken” from the St. Matthew Passion BWV 244. Let your trombone breathe life into this sacred promise, emanating the the soul’s deep and tender offerings. Unleash the resonating tales of intense love and spiritual embrace with every slide and every breath. Convey subtle feelings, navigating through passages rich with celestial commitments and divine melodies. Dare to explore the depths of this musical odyssey.

Bach - Wachet auf BWV 140 - front page

Bach - Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme BWV 140

Wait a second! That cannot be! Is that a trombone playing this beautiful melody? Yes! Astonish your audience that usually expected only the chorale to be played by trombone, while the melody is always in the piano or organ part. Now that you are in charge, let your spectacular trombone sound amaze the audience with soft legato passages from the first moment on. Then present the powerful and majestic chorale in the middle section of the piece and go above and beyond expectations to demonstrate why God has chosen the trombone some many times in the Bible to emphasize his splendor.


Debussy - Suite Bergamasque

Do you know Clair de Lune? Of course, everybody knows it. It’s a popular solo piece among trombone players as well. However, have you ever heard the entire Suite Bergamasque for Trombone and Piano? I’m sure, you haven’t. Why is it so, you may ask. Simply because THIS is the first of its kind, arrangement of the whole Suite Bergamasque for Trombone and Piano. Surprise and delight your audience with different musical characters, impressive techniques and a wide range of your trombone sound colors. Stand out by opening the new horizon of trombone mastery and showing off every aspect of your talent!

Debussy - Deux Arabesques

Paint your recital program in glamorous impressionistic colors. For the opening legato-triplets passages and the descending wavy melody in the first arabesque use broad brushstrokes of blue and yellow. Then, for the second arabesque with short and fast triplets, mix small brushstrokes of pure red and green for the highest degree of luminous intensity of your trombone sound spectrum. Your audience will adore your strong expression and magnificent technique

Bach - Jesus bleibet meine Freude BWV 147

Make your audience stunning on your smooth legato and expressive phrases, and introduce them to the new silky trombone sound they haven’t heard before. Play and practice with the Pocket Pianist and enjoy the melody flow, like the violins do in this most well-known Bach’s melodies in the final chorale of the Cantata BWV 147.

Handel – Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion 

Time to celebrate and show off your spectacular technique! Make it clear to everyone that you’re not just playing a normal tenor trombone, but a Coloratura

Trombone. Amaze your audience with fast, agile, and breathtaking passages. Captivate them with expressive melody 

that showcases your warm, rich trombone sound in the middle section. Leave no doubt about your exceptional Coloratura Trombone abilities in the final tutti section.

The Grieg Album - Volume I

Take your audience to the land of huge fjords, thundering waterfalls, crystal clear waters and towering mountains. Sometimes dancing furiously, sometimes singing softly, other times admiring the wonderful nature, it’s time to start the journey into this idyllic land.

Latest Reviews

Wesley Nielsen

Freelance trombonist, arranger, and content creator

from Boise, Idaho,

United States

"I wish I could have Pocket Pianist tracks for everything that I practice!"

It is obvious that Mateusz puts a lot of care into the small details and has a clear vision for how he would like his arrangements to sound. When I began working on Mat’s arrangement of the First Arabesque by Debussy,

I was amazed at how well it plays on the trombone!

Marlena Skoczylas

Principal Trombonist Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra (Czech Republic) and Czestochowa Philharmonic (Poland)

"Perfectly suited to the scale and capabilities of the trombone"

Mateusz is a wonderful trombonist who knows his instrument inside out. As a result, his arrangement of Debussy's Bergamasque Suite is perfectly suited to the scale and capabilities of the trombone. My personal feeling after working on this suite is very positive.

Robert Kaip

Principal Trombonist of the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra

Professor at University of Debrecen

"Fantastic and very instrument-specific"

I warmly recommend Mat Dwulecki's fantastic and very instrument-specific transcriptions of the Suite Bergamasque and Deux Arabesques, two of my favorite works by impressionist composer Claude Debussy. Great music released by a great trombonist and musician.

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