Bach – Ich dir mein Herze schenken BWV 244


Dive deep into the passionate realms of Bach’s “Ich will dir mein Herze schenken” from the St. Matthew Passion BWV 244. Let your trombone breathe life into this sacred promise, emanating the the soul’s deep and tender offerings. Unleash the resonating tales of intense love and spiritual embrace with every slide and every breath. Convey subtle feelings, navigating through passages rich with celestial commitments and divine melodies. Dare to explore the depths of this musical odyssey.

  • Piano Score and Trombone Part in Bass Clef (PDF)
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Experience Bach's "Ich will dir mein Herze schenken" from his St. Matthew Passion BWV 244, masterfully arranged for trombone and piano. True to the original composition, we created the piano part based on the original basso continuo, ensuring an authentic harmony.

With our detailed articulations in both the trombone and piano parts, we guide you to channel the deep emotions and nuances Bach intended.

Dive in, feel the emotion, and let each note resonate with your audience, as you revive this timeless masterpiece.

Tho Pocket Pianist tracks will be available soon.


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