Bach – Wachet auf BWV 140 – for Trombone and Piano

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Wait a second! That cannot be! Is that a trombone playing this beautiful melody? Yes! Astonish your audience that usually expected only the chorale to be played by trombone, while the melody is always in the piano or organ part. Now that you are in charge, let your spectacular trombone sound amaze the audience with soft legato passages from the first moment on. Then present the powerful and majestic chorale in the middle section of the piece and go above and beyond expectations to demonstrate why God has chosen the trombone some many times in the Bible to emphasize his splendor.

  • 2 different Versions in Eb and Bb Major
  • PDF Files – Piano Score and Trombone Part in Bass and Tenor Clef
  • Pocket Pianist audio-tracks (MP3 and FLAC)

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The Chorale - Zion hört die Wächter singen - from the Cantata - Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme - BWV 140 is one of Bach's greatest highlights.

I decided to make two different versions:

  • one in the original key - E flat Major
  • and another one in B flat Major - slightly easier but still as beautiful as the original key version

For both versions, I've made a unique piano part according to the original

basso continuo.

Pocket Pianist

By using the Pocket Pianist audio-tracks for practicing, you can complement your piano rehearsals and prepare better for your performance.

Click here if you want to know more about The Pocket Pianist.

There are four different Tempi starting in slower Tempo to make your practicing easy and efficient. While making a progress, switch to the faster Tempo that suits you the most.

Listen to the Pocket Pianist samples -

  • Version in Eb Major
  • Version in Bb Major


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