Handel – Rejoice – Bundle (PDFs + audio tracks)


Time to celebrate and show off your spectacular technique! Make it clear to everyone that you’re not just playing a normal tenor trombone, but a Coloratura Trombone. Amaze your audience with fast, agile, and breathtaking passages. Captivate them with expressive melody that showcases your warm, rich trombone sound in the middle section. Leave no doubt about your exceptional Coloratura Trombone abilities in the final tutti section.

  • Piano Score and Trombone Part in Bass Clef (PDF)
  • Pocket Pianist audio tracks for practicing in 5 different Tempos (MP3 and FLAC)


"Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion" is a well-known and most frequently performed air from Handel's Oratorio "Messiah". I arranged this piece for trombone and piano while retaining the original B-flat major key, making it highly suitable for the trombone, particularly in the fast coloratura-sixteenth passages. The joyful and virtuosic character of this piece will clearly be a highlight in a recital program, a church performance with an organ or serving as a perfect anchor.

By using the Pocket Pianist, you can complement your piano rehearsals and prepare better for your performance. The audio tracks come in five different Tempos to accommodate your learning process. Begin by practicing at a slower tempo to master the coloratura-sixteenth passages with precision and smoothness. Once

you feel confident, you can gradually increase the tempo.

Click here if you want to know more about The Pocket Pianist.

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